Ahti Koponen

Ahti V. J. Koponen


Contact: a.lastname@sci.fi

My roots are in Heinävesi Karvio village. Fathers (birth place, now Karvion Kievari ). Family has lived in that area at least 500 years. More infomartion on family Koponen . My mothers was from the neighboring village Varistaipale and familyname is Mikkonen .   Karvio traffic cameras

My home town is Tuusula . Hobbies are genealogy, video filming, choir singing and information technology.

At my age (almost 70) one likes to think back to the good old days, so let's see some links from the past, which have had more or less important meaning to my life.

IofC - new direction for life (1965-) , Calw - charming little town in Schwarzwald Germany, where we studied German language together with jolly palls from Finland and France.
Up With People - singing for better world (y.1967-1968 German, Finland, Norway, Denmark, USA ) Studieng Bible with Navigators (1972-) and meeting other young people in Taize, France.  Thank You for the visit and welcome back again.



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